I am called Aisha, 16 years old staying in Ndejje Wakiso district. I am staying in a polygamous family of 36 children all delivered by 8 mum including my own mother called Namatovu Fatuma who is 36 years and she is the youngest wife to my father with 6 children contribution to the above figure of 36 children.


My father is 57 years old who at his age was tested HIV positive due to marrying of many women and he is on ARV’s including our other mums. By the time i started my primary one I used to find it hard to walk long distances to go to school with the support of walking sticks but still I managed to make it up senior three My study of formal education was a struggle because my father paid my school fees from primary one to primary four.


Since then its friends and other community people that used to sympathize with me and pay my school fees and transport up to senior three where I dropped out In 2013 this was because every individual mother takes on her own children as our father is weak that he can’t work and support that big number and that when I lacked the school necessities, this forced me to sit at home until the director of CACI was on her home visit to my dad for drug follow up it’s when she realized that I was doing nothing and guided me to take on hair dressing course which at first I thought it would be difficult for me because of using stick for walking and that how would I sit and start plaiting customers’ hair with my stick. I really had self-stigma. However I thank the director for her counseling that I can make it regardless of my situation. I then started my course up to date.


I have finished five months and remaining with 6 months to complete my course. However, my challenge is how will I get employment with my situation. Who will accept and be patient of my disability? I wish I would be self- employed with personal saloon materials to start earning a living and be in position to support my 3 young brothers together with my mother. Am happy now that I am doing something although sometimes I lack transport and materials to use while in class.