CACI is a voluntary and non-profit Organization founded in 2012 and dedicated to improve the living conditions of children, youth and women. CACI operates by supplementing the Uganda Government's efforts and other Stakeholders' efforts to address the plight of the children, youth and women. CACI works and operates through partnerships with local communities at the grassroots, works with local governments, religious institutions and national, regional and international organizations. CACI is registered with the NGO Board (registration number 9484 and certification number S. 5914/ 9962).

CACI mainly work on care and support to people infected and affected with HIV/AIDS in order to mitigate the effects of the epidemic. CACI also, aims at strengthening the coping of OVC’S and the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), families to progressively become economically self-reliant in economic strengthening, leadership skills development and adult Literacy. To view our activities please visit our website at www.cac-international.org


Executive Director
Change African Child International


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Education and early childhood development

Parents, guardians and community have one great job to do, which they cannot run away from. This is parenting their children. That is why there is need for all to have information, knowledge and skills on how best this job could be done. The following are just a few challenges sited from children because of them learning through seeing and hearing as noted by CACI.
- A child who lives with criticism learns to condemn.
- A child who lives with ridicule, learns to be shy.
- A child who lives with hostility, learn to fight.
- A child who lives with sham, learns to feel guilty and many others.


Tailoring Class

We offer tailoring to adult students, Donate by : Email or Phone  



  • Change African Child International
  • Wants to help and improve every face of orphan's life in education and other financial needs. To transform the lives of the orphaned children by taking them out of anonymity and helping them to become self reliant and independent hence meaningful citizens in their communities




This centre was started by CACI 43kms along Kampala to Mityana road. after finding out that there are many children out there who are suffering and need our help/contribution. Alot of challenges is faced in this centre as we can not enrolle them in our vocational training centre of Tailoring and Hairdressing because of they age. we therefore just identified an elderly volunteer who takes them through reading and writing, in that simple construction to allow them earn aliving and in most case we ask from volunteers like you to donate clothes, shoes that are not used in your homes but can be of value to them as well as books,pens etc to change alife for these children so far we have 30 children in the centre, 1 volunteer teacher, and 1 cook as seen in the photography. for more inquiry email us on info@cac-international.org. thank you viewers.

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